Wooden furniture to your needs

About us


    Our history

    HORSINGTON started its outdoor wooden furniture business in Vietnam as a design and quality control consultant agency for factories in 2003. Since then, the company has expanded its business to purchasing FSC® certified raw materials (FSC® trademark license code: FSC -C001680).

    The most important materials purchased are Tericortinis and Cladocalys, timber essence that perfectly matches the requirements of outdoor furniture. These materials, by their form, curving and colors create an atmosphere of serenity, friendliness and warmth in your home.

    Today our creativity, originality, and also our flexibility facing market demands and trends, make Horsington one of the leading manufacturers “outdoor furniture” in Vietnam and the world.



    Our respect for the environement

    To guarantee the best quality to our clients, Horsington offer products from FSC® certified plantations in South America and South Africa. For example, Horsington imports each year 20,000 m3 Eucalyptus, Saligna, Globulus, white teak (Gmelina Arborea), Acacia. Exclusively timber species that suited perfectly for use in outdoor furniture.

    Horsington undertakes to respect nature and fight for environmental protection. This ethic is in line with an approach of traceability in order to alleviate all problems of supply shortage.


    Our vision

    Innovation, research and trend are our key values.

    Each year, our designers work with care on the creation of a range of new products with new materials. In this way Horsington gives birth to a new collection of outdoor garden furniture to furnish your terrace, patio or swimming pool.

    With professionalism and love of creation, Horsington designs new products responding to the needs of clients, in terms of practicality as well as aesthetics. This renewal of products is recurrent and necessary since trends always change.

    Our designs combine the use of wood with materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, textiles, and Rattan fiber. Horsington also provides copyright protection of their products made in Europe and Vietnam to all their clients.


  • Our production

    Horsington’s importance and legitimacy in the world market is indisputable. This permits Horsington to purchase materials among plantations managed and certified in South America or South Africa.

    The timber is then distributed directly to our subcontractor partners based in Da Nang, Qui Nhon and Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to this agreement of purchase and of protection of our products, we are able to work exclusively with our subcontractors. This guarantees the quality of the final product.

    An internal department of Horsington is formed with French technicians in collaboration with a team of Vietnamese controllers. Who are present at all times to monitor and supervise our partners’ production methods and quality. This internal inspection at Horsington permits a better traceability and transparency at all levels of production.

    The standards of security and conformity are well applied both for our factories and our products. Moreover, Horsington also exports raw materials such as wood and prefabricated wood materials to the Chinese market.
    Horsington’s industrial business has generated 10,000 jobs.